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Anas Fahad Khan no CLP

Publicado em: Anas Fahad Khan no CLP

Thomas Shafee – Own work. Wikidata in the Linked Open Data Cloud. Databases indicated as circles (with wikidata labelled as ‘WD’), with grey lines linking databases in the network if their data is aligned. (Layout by graphopt algorithm by the igraph package in [R]. Data from

No próximo dia 22 de março de 2023, pelas 15h00, tem lugar a conferência “Unlocking Dictionaries with Ontologies: How to Make Lexicographic Resources More Accessible to Computers by Adding More Semantics” de Anas Fahad Khan (Istituto Di Linguistica Computazionale ‘A. Zampolli’, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Pisa). Organização do Departamento de Engenharia Informática (DEI) da Universidade de Coimbra em colaboração com o Doutoramento em Materialidades da Literatura/MATLIT LAB e o Centro de Literatura Portuguesa.


The publication of resources as linked data using ontologies is becoming increasingly popular in a number of different disciplines, including the Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums sector (GLAM) thanks in large part to the CIDOC-CRM ontology. This means of publication has important advantages in making datasets more interoperable and re-usable as well as allowing powerful forms of querying and reasoning. When it comes to creating linked data versions or editions of textual works, the lack of shared, agreed upon vocabularies or ontologies for describing such works in all their complexity is something of a hurdle. In the case of dictionaries, or more generally lexicographic resources, however, we do have the possibility of modelling these works at different levels of description, and in particular at the level of content. In this presentation we will look at one approach for doing this using a CIDOC-CRM aligned bibliographic ontology and the lexicon content model OntoLex in which we try to show the potential that linked data based ontologies can have in modelling texts and in making them more accessible both to human beings and to computers.

Fonte: Anas Fahad Khan no CLP
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