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Between Gandhi and Gramsci: Civil Society and Hegemony

Publicado em: Between Gandhi and Gramsci: Civil Society and Hegemony

The talk will be centred around Gandhian practices in light of Gramscian theoretical perspective.The two concepts of civil society and hegemony will be the main theme from Gramscian perspective examining the anti colonial struggle in India led byMahatma Gandhi. The innovative application of a civil society based confrontation with colonial super structure of governance and social formations as well as quasi hegemony that was formed on national level as well some other regional variants even outside the orbit of Mahatma’s movement and the current crescendo of fascism-Nazism pattern of power takeover attempts by the the rightwing political juggernaut will be taken up.

Moderador: Cristiano Gianolla (CES)

Nota biográfica

Dipak Malik has been in thick and thin of the nationwide youth movement in late sixties, he acquired a tag of continuing praxis since then.Twice on electoral field as candidate of United Left as well couple of democratic forces including the socialists of yersteryears in state assembly as well as in parliament, all combined helped him to acquire nuances of social and political life of India. Prof. Malik taught macro economics as well labour studies under the rubric of the post independence India’s industrial relations for 32 years and then had a stint of a decade as Director of Gandhian Institute of studies. These were years of praxis as convener of teachers movements as well as a campaigner against the gathering clouds of communalism.He was an irregular columnist with Hindustan a major Hindi daily as well commentator on contemporary issues in a major English jornal of the Left MainstreamHe has over two hundred articles ,papers  and peer reviewed papers around a dozen. He is engaged now in writing a book on Gandhi, Gramsci and India. Currently he is working as Director of the Centre of study of Indian languages and society (INLANSO).

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