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The Unknown Marx and Engels

Publicado em: The Unknown Marx and Engels

Moderation: Maria Paula Meneses (CES)


Presentation of MEGA (project Marx-Engels-gesamtausgabe – MEGA), the historico-critical edition of the complete published works, manuscripts and correspondence of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. What did MEGA tell us so far and what we did not know before?

This project plans 1) to publish 114 volumes (62 have already been published); 2) Republish many known, classical texts in their original form for the first time; 3) Publish the full correspondence (including the letters of third persons), as well as new texts/ manuscripts (in their original form and language).

In the future, a cumulative digital version of the text, apparatus and indices of all the manuscripts of Das Kapital – now published here entirety – and of the editions published in the lifetimes of Marx and Engels will supplement and enhance the print edition by enabling more convenient research strategies.

Bio note

Michael R. Krätke (1949) studied Economics, Sociology and Political Science in Berlin and Paris, taught Sociology in Berlin and Bielefeld (Germany), taught Political Economy and Political Science as a professor at the University of Amsterdam, was Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies, Professor of Sociology and Chair of Political Economy at Lancaster University (Lancaster – UK). He is now working as a Senior Research Fellow at the International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam – Netherlands) as well as Visiting Professor of Economics at the Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan.

He is the author of several books on Marxist Political Economy, on Public Finance, on the History and Theory of Socialism, and on the Crises of modern Capitalism. He is the editor of the unpublished manuscript by Otto Bauer on the World Economic Crisis of 1929 – 1940 and a specialist on the history and theory of Marxism. Since the early 1990s, he has participated in the project of the Complete Works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (also known as the MEGA). Actually, he is working on the history of modern capitalism in its interrelations with the history of the modern state in Europe and in other parts of the work. Recent book publications: Kritik der Politischen Ökonomie heute (Hamburg 2017), Friedrich Engels (Berlin 2020), Friedrich Engels – El burgués que inventó el marxismo (Barcelona 2021), Friedrich Engels – O burguês que inventou o marxismo (Ribeirão 2022), The Revival of Political Economy – Marx’s Legacy (fortcoming).


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