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Using evidence-based approaches in planning and measuring outcomes


 The demand for evidence-informed practice is growing in all areas of public activity and policy. This has been challenging in the cultural sector where there has not traditionally been agreed practices or shared frameworks for planning and evaluation. This presentation addresses these needs for scholars and other professionals working in culture and local development. It introduces participants to techniques of using evidence to inform cultural development planning and measuring change systematically through a schema of outcomes. Theseskills are supported by online tools Framework for Cultural Development Planningand Outcomes Schema for Cultural Engagement.These have been developed in Australia for the local government cultural development sector, but are being increasingly adopted internationally, supporting communities and their leaders to be informed by best available evidence and making the best use of resources, while also being respondent to local community circumstances and needs.

The session includes case examples from cities and communities of different sizes, and discussion about issues for participants. These will include the challenges, barriers and enables that might be faced in taking these ideas forward in diverse contexts. 

Nota biográfica

Kim Dunphy is a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia and Research Consultant for the Cultural Development Network (CDN), Melbourne, Australia. CDN is an independent organisation that supports local government in its role assisting local communities to make and express their own culture. Kim’s research interests focus on the change that can be effected through cultural participation, especially the arts, and how that change can be understood and measured. Through her work with the CDN team, Kim has led the development of on-line tools to support professionals in the cultural sector do evidence-based outcome-focussed work.  These include a Framework for Cultural Development Planning and Outcomes Framework for Cultural Engagement.

Atividade no âmbito do projeto de investigação CREATOUR – Desenvolver Destinos de Turismo Criativo em Cidades de Pequena Dimensão e Áreas Rurais


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